What kind of ads Publishers serves to Advertisers?

Using Otrafic, all are allowed to create ads from any of the following ad formats:

Image Ads

Image ads are effectively grabbing the attention of most consumers.

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Text Ads

Text ads are normally include a small title and which is likewise a clickable link.

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PicText Ads

PicText ads are an hybrid combination of text and image ads to be customized.

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Video Ads

By using Video ads, visitor understand everything about a the product.

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Pop Ads

Today Advertisers pay much for Pop ads in promoting their products and services.

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Popup Ads

Pop-up ads are primarily intended for attracting web traffic and capture leads.

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Popunder Ads

Popunder ads are concealed at the back of the main browser for more efficient.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook ads came up with a best way to monetize a Fan Page by selling Posts.

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Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are already being bought and sold between all Twitter users alike.

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Inline-Keyword Ads

Inline keyword ads are targeted keywords insert inside the text of the content.

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Email Ads

Email ads are all advertisements that are sent to all subscribers through web mail.

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Let us help you make your Campaigns known by publishers across the world.

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